Licensed coach: Linda Bridge


I'm passionate about supporting people to find work they truly love. I believe that it's impossible to put your job in a neat little box. It impacts your whole life. I believe that your career should be an extension of you. It should play to your strengths and fuel your passions. It should light you up every day. You should get paid for being YOU.

For the past 20 years, I've worked within the retail and online space, heading up complex hiring operations for market leading brands. I set innovative recruitment strategies, built world class teams and supported thousands of individuals to transition into new roles. Looking back, what fascinated me most was how people genuinely excel when they are in roles they love. And how what we want from our work can change, as we do, over time. And that that's perfectly ok! I decided to explore that further, and in 2014, I left the corporate world behind to set up my own career coaching practice full time.

I now spend my time doing what I absolutely love, helping others to understand what they want from their working life and how to make that happen. Often it's about witnessing truly life changing journeys which continue to inspire me over and over again. I specialise in career change, and draw on the combination of my lifetime of experience working within the recruitment industry, my own personal career change journey and my intuitive ability to support others through the power of coaching. This unique combination enables me to work with people in a truly dynamic way that delivers extraordinary results.