Licensed coach: Meg Lyons

London, UK

I love working with people who want to do more purpose-based, meaningful work in the world, who don't want to simply clock in and out of a job for the rest of their careers, and who know they are capable of extraordinary things - if only they could figure out what that is! I also help working parents achieve a more balanced approach in integrating their work with family life.

I have worked with a variety of professionals at all levels in their organizations and with varied goals related to career and purpose, work-life balance, and leadership.  Prior to becoming a coach, I led a remote and global team of Learning Consultants in Financial Services technology.  I excelled at building relationships within my organization, motivating and inspiring my team and colleagues, and articulating and achieving desired changes in culture and collaboration.

I encourage my clients to discover more about who they are being, in addition to what they are doing, in their lives as they explore a new career direction. I believe in the innate capacity of people to find solutions to their most important challenges and to stretch themselves to achieve incredible things, when given the right environment to explore possibilities. I support people to feel braver, more confident, and more conscious and aware about the choices they make in pursuit of their career goals. I also place a high priority on having fun in the process!

Some comments my clients have made about working with me:

"Meg is easy to talk to, compassionate and supportive yet probing and challenging when needed."

"I am so grateful to have found such a perceptive, committed, kind and thoughtful coach to guide me in this time of change."