Licensed coach: Vance Frisch

Yorkshire, UK

When you commit to working with a Coach, you want to know you’ll get support that makes the difference for you. The quality of relationship, and the right chemistry are critical for good outcomes. The important thing is getting skilled support, and taking effective steps towards your goal. Why settle for a default future?

My experience is mainly in Human Resources, including Recruitment, Leadership Development and Reward. I’ve worked across different sectors and industries - chemicals and pharmaceuticals, logistics and facilities, oil and gas, universities and local government. I support people through redundancy, promotion, career progression, and in changing careers. I work with career changers, creatives, entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

I’ve gained a deep understanding of Career Paths at all levels up to C-Suite, across Corporate, HR, IT & Software, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Production, Finance, Science, Education & Research, Procurement, Quality, Supply Chain and others. I help you to future-proof your career, so you build a robust path.

I’ve made career transitions myself – from HR and Recruitment into IT, then Lecturing, then later into Reward Management and Coaching. I therefore have the lived experience of making successful career changes. My credentials include Psychology, Coaching, Management and Leadership Learning, IT, Teaching and HR. In addition to Firework’s approach, I use NLP and Transactional Analysis methods. I help you with -

  • Getting clear on the root of your working life and your aims
  • Understanding your authentic working and professional identity
  • Supporting you towards fully expressing yourself in your work
  • Repackaging the career narrative so you’re recognised for your expertise
  • How to connect with a new “tribe” in the career you want
  • Making enduring, positive changes in your working life

I intend that my clients get value for their time and money, and get the results they want. You can reach me on 07976 987974.