Fireside Chat with Una Murphy

Firework and ICF certified coach Una Murphy joins host Rachel Schofield for an engaging, candid chat on how Una has set up and grown her career coaching practice.

Initial chat - key moments:

3.30 - Introduction to Una

5.28 - What made Una become a coach

7.23 - Who Una works with

8.53 - What transition career coaching is

10.38 - How Una uses a holistic approach for her coaching

11.22 - Why Una uses pacing to stop client overwhelm

12.22 - How Una uses Firework’s Explore Phase to understand people’s interests, passions and values

12.39 - How Una uses guided meditation and deep work to help her clients

15.09 - Why using her head, heart and intuition are important in Una’s coaching approach

18.04 - How Una finds her clients through networking and collaboration with the coaching community

19.09 - How Una uses professional bodies to grow her network

20.16 - Why it’s important for Una to be generous with her time

21.43 - What Una’s found most challenging in her coaching business

22.54 - Whether Una would give herself advice, looking back on everything she’s learnt

24.46 - How Una structures her fee packages for individuals and corporate clients

27.46 - How many sessions are included in a coaching package

28.54 - Una’s reflections on the impact of Covid-19 on her clients and how she coaches

31.27 - How Una works with a group, creates a safe space, listens to diversity of thinking and plans her group training sessions


Audience Q&A - key moments:

37.26 - What marketing language is used to address pain points

39.38 - What formal coaching qualifications or accreditations Una recommends

42.18 - Whether Una niched to transition coaching

45.04 - How to settle clients using silence

48.24 - What accreditations are recommended for leadership work with larger organisations

50.06 - How Una looks after herself as a coach

52.07 - How Una sees her work evolving in the future

53.32 - What resources Una recommends to new coaches