What others are saying about us

I was looking for a comprehensive, tried and tested training around career change that I could offer to clients. Firework has become the foundation of my practice making up about 40% of my business. My clients are also highly satisfied with the clear outcomes it gives them and they appreciate the structured thinking this framework provides. I would recommend the training to any coach who would like to add career change to their offering.

Ros Toynbee
Director, The Career Coach, UK

Firework gave me a clear niche and credibility. Two years on from my training and I’ve taken around 45 clients through Firework and I'm earning more now working just two days a week than I did working full-time as a general Life / Career Coach. For me, the return on investment has been fantastic!

Alice Stapleton
Career Coach

Firework is a fabulous resource for coaches. Previously with clients ‘stuck’ around their career, I would use a mix of tools from my past training and experience. The training has provided me with a proven process and tools, which is so valuable.

Claire Palmer
Leadership Coach

This training is extremely good value. To date I've used it with 31 clients, which means I've earned back the initial cost 75 times over. Firework has been key to me establishing a thriving coaching practice. It's moved both the quality of my offer to my clients and the success of my practice onto a different plain.

Jon Mitchell
Career Change Coach

Within 3 months of doing the Firework training, I've seen a 500% return on the cost of the course.

Dr Eva Szita-Morris
Turning Point Personal & Executive Coaching

Firework has proved to be an invaluable part of my toolkit. It provides a great framework and structure, and the holistic approach has enabled me to work with individuals in a truly dynamic way, delivering transformational results. I've already attracted 20 clients, so will have earned back the initial cost 40 times over.

Linda Bridge
Accelerista Coaching

With Firework, I now have a vast armoury of resources that I can select from and adapt according to the individual client’s requirements. For me, becoming a licensed Firework coach was a no-brainer because within a month the course had paid for itself.

Nick Harris
Founder, Career Discovery

I am so glad I invested in Firework. Even though I'm an experienced coach, with a background in HR, I used to struggle coaching clients who wanted to change career but didn’t know what they wanted to do. It sometimes felt like we were going round in circles! The Firework Career Coaching package has given me much needed process and structure – giving my my clients a rapid sense of progress and confidence and leaving me to do what I do best, which is to coach.

Sarah Kirkpatrick
Executive Coach

The Firework model has become an intrinsic part of my career coaching. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Lindsay Wittenberg
Career Coach

I can’t speak highly enough about the Firework materials and now find myself recommending them to fellow coaches.

Ros Starkey
Accredited Coach and Coach Supervisor

I spent a lot of time researching how I could get further training in career coaching and I don't know what I would even compare it to. Firework was the only obvious choice. I have made my investment back many, many times over.

Sarah Dawrant
Forward Bound Coaching & Training

The Firework Career Coaching materials have been a fantastic addition to my coaching toolkit. I highly recommend this as a career coaching resource that will add value and credibility to your coaching.

Janie Wilson
Passport Coaching and Consultancy

Loved the course! Congratulations, you have developed a fantastic leading-edge training that cleverly introduces fun, creativity and power to career coaching. I learned far more than I expected. Thank you.

Trevor Cousins
Director, Fingerprint People Development

Since taking part in Firework, I’ve worked with 21 individual career coaching clients and four career coaching groups within a year. I have made a return of more than 2,300% on my original investment. All of my clients have reported significant positive impact, and have gone on to create different lives for themselves, personally and professionally. The training also acts as a powerful referral tool – most of my clients have come through that route.

Trudy Arthurs
Dancing Leopards Coaching and Training Associates

I’ve seen more than 100 clients since I first completed the Firework course in 2017. Having the Firework license and practical experience has also enabled me to partner with other organisations, so the return on my initial investment has been priceless!

Helen Garland
Founder, My Time To Shine

Having gone through Firework as a client, I knew what it could do, so once I decided to become a career coach myself, it was an easy decision to invest! Ultimately the training has given me greater confidence in my ability as a coach and a framework and foundation to build my practice on.

Gemma Rogers
Career Change Coach

I don’t think my coaching business would be what it is now without Firework! Doing the training has given me more confidence – I now have a product to sell and an area of specialism.

Emily Taylor
Founder, Green Grass Coaching

Having the Firework license gave me more kudos which resulted in more business and more clients! I now feel more confident, empowered, authentic and crucially, more effective as a coach.

Annette Bento
Founder, Inside Out Career Coaching

There is no doubt that my coaching practice is more profitable as a result of becoming a licensed career coach with Firework. It ultimately supported me in delivering coaching with global reach, which have been very lucrative for me. I couldn’t have achieved that without the tools I gained through Firework.

Leigh Jackson
Career Coach & Leadership Coach