Fireside Chat with Ross Nichols

Firework and ICF certified coach Ross Nichols joins host Rachel Schofield for an engaging, candid chat on how Ross has set up and grown his career coaching practice.

Initial chat - key moments:

3.47 - Introduction to Ross 

5.37 - How Ross made the journey into coaching

7.32 - What influences Ross’ coaching style

8.57 - What transpersonal coaching is

10:40 - How Ross taps into the deeper, more intuitive space with his clients

12:25 - How to understand your own coaching style

13:45 - How Ross works with a client’s shadow side

16:12 - What are the type of clients Ross normally works with 

16:38 - What type of leadership coaching Ross undertakes

18:53 - How Ross’s coaching approach changes according to who he’s working with

19:46 - How Ross uses some of the exercises in the Firework toolkit

21:27 - Why Ross built his coaching business around his intuitive side

23:51 - What methods Ross used to develop his business plan

27:55 - How Ross is allowing is business to develop

28:39 - Why Ross undertakes pro-bono work 


Audience Q&A - key moments:

29:56 - Whether working in the shadow side borders working in the realms of psychology

31:23 - How Ross’ coaching with people affected by cancer evolved

33.27 - What Ross does to maintain his resilience when working with clients in the shadow side 

35:05 - How Ross uses his knowledge and personal experience when working with his clients

36:29 - How Ross finds his clients

38:21 - Which method Ross uses to contract his clients

39:44 - Whether Ross uses more conventional approaches to grow his business

41:27 - What is a Firework Coach and how it differs from other career coaching

43:37 - Whether Ross ever follows the full structure of the Firework programme

44:12 - How Ross charges for his coaching sessions

48:28 - Whether Ross has developed his own framework for coaching clients

53:12 - Whether Ross gives exercises as homework

53:21 - How Ross introduces some of the techniques to clients that might be a bit ‘stiff’

54:35 - Whether Ross recommends the ICF qualification

55:27 - What is Ross’ biggest learning as an experienced coach, compared to when he was a novice