Licensed coach: Corrine Thomas

Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey

I work with:

  • Young professionals wanting to make decisions on starting their careers post school or university
  • Mid-career IT professionals considering their next career move and wanting to decide whether to stay technical or move into a management/leadership role?
  • People who struggle to get promoted because they tend to be introvert, thinkers and undersell themselves

I combine a background of over 20 years knowledge and hands-on experience of IT and business change in both the Telecoms and Financial Services sectors with my skills as a Career Coach and Trainer. Having spent many years working in the fast changing environment of business change alongside bringing up two daughters, I have a good understanding and many insights of the challenges faced by mid-career professionals.

In my coaching, I create an environment for my clients that is both supportive and challenging. I help you think creatively and intuitively about your career and enable you to find new insights and perspectives. After working with me, you will have clarity on your next steps and the confidence to make it happen.

What my clients say about my coaching:

  • A calm, insightful, non-judgemental practitioner who has a genuine motivation to use her skills to help those around her to develop themselves
  • Corrine is an experienced, knowledgeable and insightful career coach using NLP tools and techniques together with her deep understanding of people and behaviours to help others achieve their potential.
  • Every time I work with Corrine I always come away having picked up a real gem of personal discovery