Licensed coach: Heidi-Mai Warren MSc PCC CPCC

Dubai, UAE; UK; Europe & US

As a Certified Life and Career Coach I support clients through challenging life and career decisions, with either personalised Life Coaching sessions, or a more structured 12-week Career Transition Programme.

Currently based in Dubai and with the benefit of modern technology, I work with men and women residing in the Middle East, UK, US and further afield. The one thing my clients have in common is that, despite being successful, they find themselves in a place of transition, feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next in their personal lives or professional careers.

In working with me, clients move from this place of frustration and doubt to feeling optimistic and energised. They gain confidence about their strengths and the transferability of skills, as well as a clear vision of a new career or chapter in life and conviction about what to do to get back on track. This may involve radical change, so together we set goals and develop action plans to create the necessary structure to achieve success.

My coaching practice is informed by my own experience of working in organisations across the commercial, academic, health and charity sectors. I have lived in different countries, coped with redundancy, burnout and my career has changed multiple times. I have adapted from being a career woman to a mother of two, juggling family life, my coaching business, as well as captaining an internationally competitive team.

As a coach I am passionate, perceptive and I like to create a safe, yet fun and motivating environment for clients to achieve what they never dared to think possible.