Licensed coach: Mila Muskinja

Serbia and ex-Yugoslavian countries

I mainly work with women in their late 30s and 40s, balancing between overdemanding careers in multi corporations and family life. They are often new mums set to modify their current job, or embark on a completely new journey.

I am a career coach backed up by a degree in psychotherapy. This combination allows me to understand you on a professional as well as on a personal level. An additional benefit is that I once was where you are now. I've had first-hand experience in career change, which makes me an even better guide through your career change process.

If you are stuck in your career I can arm you with the right tools to change it. If you are dealing with internal conflicts or trying hard to fight those limiting beliefs, that stop you from escaping your dissatisfying routine, I specialize in helping you.

The approach I use combines Firework coaching method with transactional analysis, a psychotherapeutic method with excellent techniques to overcome personal stagnation. My work is primarily based on discovering your core professional and life values, as well as the purpose of life. We then investigate your strengths, dealing with tools that help you use the full potential of the knowledge and skills you have already acquired.

All of my clients highlight that working with me is first of all fun, but also inspiring. Especially since I can relate to their situation due to my own experience.