Licensed coach: Pheona Croom-Johnson

Surrey, UK

I am a coach, a team coach and a supervisor.

In coaching I work in four areas with individuals:

1. Thought Partner (asking challenging questions, supporting reflection and moving swiftly to action).

2. People Leaders (helping devise strategies and ways of working to enable people/teams/organisations to be and do all they need to do and be)

3. Professionals (without purpose and clear motivation how can you know what to build to provide a fulfilling life and career?).

4. She/Female Leaders (finding confidence, a voice and inner strength. Balancing all you are and all you do). In Supervision I work with new and/or experienced coaches.

Team coaching, my value add is often:-
• Accelerating the connection between Leaders and their teams.
• Creating a growth mindset for high performance.
• Optimising collective emotional intelligence to deliver the business results.

My style is empathetic with challenge. It is often reflected that I help people find their ‘Why’, clarify their purpose, help to reframe unhelpful perceptions of self and/or others, build linguistic flexibility in all conversations and generate understanding in personal and business relationships. My goal is to bring dynamic growth for leaders who are then able to consciously reflect on how they think, behave and act and bring that growth into their leadership.