Fireside Chat with Geraldine Locke

Retirement Transition Coach, licensed Firework Coach and coaching supervisor,Geraldine Locke joins host Rachel Schofield for an informative chat on how Geraldine has evolved her coaching niche, portfolio and business, to live her own retirement model.

Initial chat - key moments:

2.06 - Introduction to Geraldine

3.15 - Why Geraldine doesn’t call herself a career coach

3.52 - Who are Geraldine’s ideal clients

4.37 - Why zero birthdays are significant in career transition

6.01 - How Geraldine uses the Firework tools

7.27 - What ‘life transitions theory’ is 

8.05 - How Geraldine coaches couples 

11.57 - Geraldine explains about the strengths profile tool she uses

13.38 - How Geraldine decides her session model 

15.23 - Why Geraldine lives her own retirement model 

16.37 - How Geraldine works as a coach supervisor

17.36 - Why Geraldine has become a better coach from her supervision work

18.22 - What type of issues come up in coach supervision sessions

20.00 - How Geraldine built her own business

22.15 - Whether Geraldine looks at what others are doing who work in a similar space

23.08 - Why Geraldine uses LinkedIn to help find clients

23.57 - How Geraldine ended up in a partnership with a financial advisor company

25.00 - Geraldine shares her thoughts around personal brand

25.52 - Whether Geraldine has a particular coaching methodology model that she uses

26.59 - What resources Geraldine would recommend for a new coach

28.36 - How Geraldine blends coaching tools with her coaching


Audience Q&A - key moments:

30.21 - How Geraldine decided and evolved her niche 

34.09 - Why Geraldine has trademarked some of her work

36.59 - How Geraldine chose the best strengths profile to use

38.09 - How Geraldine uses the Firework programme’s exercises

40.41 - Whether Geraldine uses a framework for all her clients

41.49 - Whether Geraldine offers packages or individual sessions

43.05 - How Geraldine lets someone know that coaching isn’t right for them

44.28 - How Geraldine avoids straying into therapeutic territory in couples coaching

45.39 - What advice Geraldine would give to her younger self

47.04 - Whether Geraldine uses a particular method for reflection

48.29 - What Geraldine would recommend to coaches just starting out

50.49 - Why people shouldn’t be sidetracked when building their coaching practices

51.33 - How Geraldine’s uses her website as her sales support 

53.00 - Whether there are things Geraldine would do differently, if she was starting again