Fireside Chat with Andreea Gheorghita

Career, Leadership and Firework Coach, Andreea Gheorghita joins host Rachel Schofield for an informative chat on how Andreea has developed her coaching business and accreditations to combine partnership, individual and group coaching.

Initial chat - key moments:

3.52 - How Andreea became a coach

5.28 - Andreea’s own career change from hospitality and entrepreneurship

8.10 - Why Andreea began with Leadership coaching 

10.35 - How Andreea uses partnerships to find her leadership coaching clients

11.55 - How Andreea built relationships with partnerships

14.03 - Why Andreea networks through the ICF to find coaching opportunities

15.53 - Andreea's thoughts on having different credentials to work internationally

18.03 - How Andreea is developing her business into the career coaching space

20.12 - Why Andreea likes to collaborate with other coaches

21.29 - What Andreea likes about group career coaching

23.08 - How much Andreea is using Firework and what exercises she finds useful

26.41 - Why Andreea is still experimenting in the number of sessions she offers her clients

28.50 - Why Andreea worked with a brand strategist for her business

Audience Q&A - key moments:

31.13 - Andreea’s experience of the ICF and EMCC coaching accreditations 

33.40 - Why Andreea has focussed on gaining different accreditations

37.30 - Whether Andreea was able to get more associate work after getting accredited

38.55 - What advice Andreea would give for gaining partnership work

40.56 - Why Andreea gave pro bono hours

41.50 - What structure Andreea uses for group coaching

44.08 - How Andreea has experimented with her group course

45.35 - Whether Andreea has experience of in-person coaching workshops

47.38  - What Andreea charges for her coaching sessions

49.37 - How Andreea juggles her availability for partnerships, with her other coaching

54.27 - What useful resources Andreea would share