Fireside Chat with Anna Levy

Firework Career Coach and Mental Fitness Trainer, Anna Levy joins host Rachel Schofield for an informative chat on how Anna is developing her coaching portfolio for her 1-to-1 and group coaching clients.

Initial chat - key moments:

2.35 - Introduction to Anna

4.17 - Anna’s career change from PR to coaching

9.33 - About Anna’s intermediary role in a co-working space 

10.54 - What Anna’s experience of training with the CTI was like

11.54 - What CTI covers in comparison to Firework

13.28 - Who are Anna’s typical clients

15.52 - Why people start to change their work focus when they reach their 30’s

16.13 - How Anna find her clients and markets herself

18.50 - How Anna uses LinkedIn and referrals to find clients

20.30 - Why Anna balances 1-to-1 coaching with group coaching

22.29 - How dynamics change when coaching a group 

25.24 - How Anna uses Mental Fitness training to support her clients


Audience Q&A - key moments:

30.46 - Why Anna chose to do a post grad diploma in coaching

33.24 - Whether Anna has experience in advising on CVs and LinkedIn

35.31 - Whether mental fitness training gives you a licence to use with clients

37.10 - How mental fitness training translates into action for clients

38.56 - Whether Anna would recommend particular marketing strategies for someone just starting out

40.04 - Why Anna has the opportunity to do a marketing swap

41.58 - How many 1-to-1 clients Anna works with per day

44.07 - Whether Anna includes corporate work as part of her portfolio

45.09 - Where career change clients can be found

46.32 - How Anna would like to develop her coaching business 

47.53 - Why Anna’s now working to get her ICF credentials

49.41 - What training Anna did to lead group coaching sessions

51.00 - Whether Anna has a set number of sessions for clients and the toolkit she uses