Fireside Chat with Fiona Reith

Career Development Coach, licensed Firework Coach and accredited Design Your Life (DYL) coach, Fiona Reith joins host Rachel Schofield for an informative chat on how Fiona has developed both her coaching business and framework to combine Firework and DYL.

Initial chat - key moments:

2.35 - Introduction to Fiona

4.10 - How Fiona became a career coach

6.06 - How Fiona transitioned into having her own coaching business

7.12 - Why Fiona did the ‘Design your Life’ course

8.30 - Which clients Fiona likes to work with

11.11 - What made Fiona decide to do both the ‘Design you Life’ course and Firework 

13.08 - Which framework Fiona starts with when working with a new client

14.45 - Whether Fiona has a fixed framework of sessions

16.05 - What Firework exercises Fiona uses

17.28 - Why Firework dovetails well with Design your Life

18.11 - Why Fiona converted to use visualisation exercises

20.15 - How Fiona has experimented with group coaching

23.51 - What support Fiona gets for tech and admin

27.03 - How Fiona remains personal in her brand

27.52 - What difference having a VA has made


Audience Q&A - key moments:

29.05 - How Fiona finds visualisation helps her clients

31.25 - How Fiona’s clients find her

33.53 - Whether Fiona does much social media to market herself

35.55 - Whether Fiona sticks to a strict coaching approach

37.57 - How Fiona manages her client numbers

39.36 - How frequently does Fiona coach her clients

41.20 - What pro-bono work Fiona does

43.14 - Fiona explains what ‘reconnecting coaching’ is

45.49 - How Fiona combines the Firework and Design your Life exercises

48.30 - How Fiona uses the ‘Ideas Bank’ exercise

50.35 - What Fiona asks her clients in her initial chemistry calls

51.31 - Why Fiona now charges for her chemistry calls

52.29 - What Fiona charges per coaching session

54.25 - How Fiona uses the Firework ‘Work and Life Stars’

57.07 - Where’s the best place to connect with Fiona