Fireside Chat with Marie Smith

Firework and ICF certified coach Marie Smith joins host Rachel Schofield for an engaging, candid chat on how Marie has set up and grown her career coaching practice.

Initial chat - key moments:

3.05 - Introduction to Marie

4.34 - How Marie got into coaching

7.01 - How Marie started coaching senior leaders

8.24 - Why Marie enjoys the ripple effect of coaching

10.13 - What advice Marie gives on imposter syndrome as a newbie coach

12.00 - Whether you can work in corporate or executive coaching without a corporate background

13.27 - Why Marie enjoys coaching people on a human level

17.43 - Whether Marie works on an individual basis or across teams

18.50 - How Marie works with corporate clients and private individuals

20.33 - How Marie structures her sessions

24.13 - Why helping people to align with their personal values is important to Marie

25.49 - What Marie has learnt looking back on her coaching

28.43 - How Marie markets herself without a website


Audience Q&A - key moments:

31.46 - How Marie got her first clients

33.55 - Why Marie reconnects with old clients

36.28 - Whether Marie uses coach directories

38.17 - How Marie keeps boundaries between coaching and mentoring

40.03 - Whether Marie finds formal psychometric assessments useful

43.22 - If Marie needed to be ICF accredited to work with corporate organisations

44.47 - How Marie manages the model of working with organisations

47.18 - How Marie sets her fees

49.58 - What tools Marie goes back to time and time again

50.34 - Which coaching framework Marie prefers to use

52.22 - Where Marie runs her private coaching sessions

54.12 - What notes Marie takes during a coaching session