Fireside Chat with Nick Harris

Firework and ICF Master Certified Coach Nick Harris joins host Rachel Schofield for an engaging, candid chat on how Nick explores client trauma within his coaching practice.

Initial chat - key moments:

3.03 - Introduction to Nick

4.31 - What being a ‘Master Coach’ means and how Nick became one

6.37 - How Nick transitioned from his previous career into coaching

8.31 - Where Nick focussed in setting up his coaching business

11.10 - Who Nick works with and how he explores difficulties they may be facing

18.44 - Why Nick takes his coaching clients to a deeper level to uncover past experiences

24.04 - What resources Nick recommends for people interested in survival trauma and healthy self coaching

26.18 - Why Nick thinks it’s important to bring your whole self into coaching relationships

27.49 - How Nick deals with coachee situations outside his comfort zone

31.35 - What Nick thinks a coach should expect from a supervision session


Audience Q&A - key moments:

34.52 - What approaches Nick would suggest on looking at internal personal work

39.12 - How Nick safeguards against situations beyond his coaching capabilities

42.50 - What advice Nick would give on building up coaching hours and client base, when you’re not fully trained

46.25 - Why Nick thinks it’s important to find a marketing method that works for you

47.38 - How Nick approaches coaching situations outside his comfort zone

49.48 - What techniques Nick uses with clients in the early stages to get to the heart of an issue

51.17 - What Firework materials Nick draws on in his initial sessions

53.05 - Why Nick is stimulated to keep learning as a coach

54.44 - How Nick balances coaching time with his own learning