Fireside Chat with Alice Stapleton

Firework licensed coach Alice Stapleton joins host Rachel Schofield for an engaging, candid chat on how Alice has set up and grown her career coaching practice.

Initial chat - key moments:

3.05 - Introduction to Alice

4.14 - Alice’s story before her career change and why she decided to become a coach

5.33 - How Alice transitioned to become a full time coach

7.02 - Why Alice moved to focussing more on career change coaching

7.36 - How Alice gradually built up the time she focused on coaching

9.07 - How Alice transitioned from personal development coaching to focus on coaching those in their 20s and 30s.

11.46 - Why Alice found it to be important to share a narrative with her clients about age and her own career change experience

14.09 - How Alice initially found her clients and marketed herself

17.19 - How Alice used her website and blog to attract more clients

18.48 - How Alice uses Firework as a structured framework for career coaching

20.36 - How Alice uses introductory sessions to make sure there’s a good fit between coach and client

23.14 - The aspects of running a coaching practice that Alice finds challenging

25.42 - How Alice plans to become a coach supervisor and evolve her coaching business

27.10 - What Alice wished she’d done differently at the start on SEO and coaching packages

Audience Q&A - key moments:

25.55 - How to determine your niche

32.35 - How completing the Firework programme changed Alice’s coaching practice

35.48 - How to sell the length of a career coaching programme to clients

38.57 - How to help clients whose fear is holding them back

41.25 - How many clients to take on at the same time

42.59 - What fees to charge and how to deal with the money side

48.48 - Whether to offer additional services e.g. C.V.s and interview preparation

50.38 - How to work with fear and limiting beliefs

52.28 - How often Alice blogs on her website and what topics she covers

54.57 - How to find graduates as clients

55.37 - What it’s like to work as an associate coach and how to find those opportunities

57.54 - What Alice does in terms of online vs face-to-face coaching