Licensed coach: Alison Roux


I specialise in career transition for senior and mid-level executives. My clients are usually at a point of transition, professional or personal: newly promoted or aspiring to promotion and looking for help with professional development or performance improvement; at a career crossroads and wanting to explore professional or lifestyle options; moving to the end of their careers but looking for a change rather than retirement. An MBA graduate, with a strong business background, I draw upon extensive experience as a leadership development consultant across a range of industries, working internationally and multi-culturally. I work with individuals to renew their sense of self and build on their strengths so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Having changed my own career direction more than once, my approach is to support and challenge my clients in order to unlock their potential and explore new opportunities.

My clients say:

• Alison has the ability to challenge one’s thought processes in a way that really gets to the heart of the matter. I always leave feeling like I have unearthed big obstacles from my thinking and moved closer to where I want to be.

• You opened up my thought process and got me thinking in different ways about where I want to go with my career - including thinking about my leadership style.