Licensed coach: Angie Fresch


I work with professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s to reinvent their careers into something they love.

When clients come to me, they say things like "I'm successful at what I do, but it's never really felt like 'me', or "I've always felt like a bit of an 'imposter' at work, and I'm worn out." I also work with women with young families who say "I'm ready for something for me again." They are ready for a change, after having taken a career break to focus on family. However, the career they had before having a family is no longer a good fit for their lives.

My coaching style is warm, open and empathetic. I love to work with clients who are motivated to go after what they really want for themselves in life, and who are also at the right place in their lives to make lasting changes. It doesn’t happen overnight… it’s a process, and I value every opportunity I have to support a client in moving forward in life. I do enjoy bringing some lightness and fun to coaching sessions and enjoy working with people who like to laugh. I also can relate to the demands of balancing work and personal life, as a parent of young children myself. I particularly enjoy supporting clients to achieve their professional goals whilst maintaining the balance they desire with the rest of the important aspects of their lives.