Licensed coach: Audrey Cairo

London (Available both nationally and internationally)

Explore, dream and discover. How great would it be to do something you enjoy and to stand in your strengths?

Besides Life coaching, I offer bespoke Career Coaching sessions looking at your current situation and your ideal future goals.

You might be looking for guidance in e.g:

  • Career change

  • Next steps

  • Stress reduction

  • Gaining clarity

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Confidence building

  • Motivation

  • To improve communication skills

  • Back to work - Interview prep

  • And much more… so don’t hesitate to reach out

A bit more about me:

With over 15 years’ experience working in both TV production and Media Recruitment, my desire to help, the want to listen, motivate and inspire has always been part of my story line.

Over the past years I've spent my time helping clients find their way and strengthen the talents they possess or help them build their confidence to get unstuck to move forward.

The inspiration to become a Coach came in my previous role working as a Senior Consultant.  After speaking to hundreds of job seekers, who were either on their path or who needed help creating a clear vision, I realised that coaching was the part of my role that I was most passionate about.  Some of the candidates even recommended me to become a Coach!

After moving countries and going through 4 career transition (and many other life events) , I have now found my own calling which is to coach to you to become the best version of yourself .

My degree and qualifications from the highly-respected Coaches Training Institute and Firework Career Coaching, have given me the tools, knowledge and inspiration to help you move forwards and to find fulfilment within your profession.

What did some others say?

 “When I first met Audrey, I was stuck in a job that was making me miserable and I had no idea what else to do. Our work together gave me clarity, helping me to visualise what I really wanted and how I could get there. Each time I met Audrey, I came away feeling empowered; realising something new or making a new decision for myself. Asides from focusing on my career, I always felt like I could talk to Audrey about other areas of my life, and she helped me to find strength and confidence. Audrey has a vibrant and positive energy and she instantly puts you at ease and feels like someone that you have known for a long time. I have now left my job and am on the path to a new career but above all, I'm so much happier!” – Jo – former teacher

“Audrey was recommended to me during a time where I felt lost in every sense of the word. I thought I knew what I wanted going into our sessions, but she gave the tools to truly carve a better path for myself. Help is an understatement when describing what Audrey can do for her clients. She provides a safe space to reflect, and guides you through your own language to find what you are looking for” – Ashley - Actor

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation or sample session.