Licensed coach: Duncan Muller

London, UK (west or central)

I unlock the potential of individuals and teams in creative industries. They’re ambitious, enthusiastic, fun, open-minded and curious. They want to make things better for themselves and are committed to change. And that’s why I love working with them.

Career Coaching - helps people find their new career direction, overcome what’s holding their career back. They have clarity on what’s next and how to get there. They enjoy more fulfilling careers.

Leadership Coaching - shifts leaders from micro-managers to big picture, system-aware leaders. They show more self-awareness, interact effectively, motivate better, and have more conscious leadership.

Team Coaching - transforms teams into high-performing teams. They show more positivity and increased productivity, they trust more, there’s more constructive debate. There’s also more commitment, accountability and attention on team results.

Life Coaching - helps people overcome what’s getting in their way. They get the life they want. They fully express themselves and their creativity and they enjoy positive and supportive relationships

Rather than my words, better to hear from my clients who've described me as, for example, "an open, present, authentic, warm, sharp person", "a curious, powerful coach, with a generous heart", "he brings all of himself", "knowledgeable and passionate", "positive and full of warmth", "highly perceptive and sensitive", and "I found it easy to relate and talk with him, and to trust him".