Licensed coach: Felicity Dwyer

Hampshire, UK

I specialise in helping people find a way through mid-life career review and change.

We might be a good fit, if you are in one of these situations:

  • Facing redundancy and wanting to rebuild your confidence or review your choices.
  • Out of love with your work; you want to do something else, but don’t yet know what.
  • Considering self-employment or starting a business; you want to do something you enjoy, have more freedom and make a living.
  • Returning to work after time at home with children or as a carer.
  • You want to get clarity about your next steps and regain your confidence.

What my clients say about my coaching style:

"Felicity’s coaching style enables you to explore things openly and honestly and have conversations that you’ve previously found quite challenging or daunting to have even with yourself! On the day after my last session with Felicity, I had an interview for a job I would never have considered even applying for 6 months’ earlier and a few days later I discovered that I had got it."

"Felicity helped me enormously when I reached a real crossroads in my career and judging by the way my business is now going, her approach very definitely worked. I am the most contented with my work that I have ever been. I found her knowledgeable, kind and flexible. I would wholeheartedly recommend Felicity as a career coach for people wanting to explore the current or next stage of their career in a very warm and relaxed environment. (But be prepared, she will make you work hard too!).”

If any of this resonates with you, please visit my website to find out more.