Licensed coach: Gary Parkin

London and South East UK

I specialise with coaching relationships where:

  • an individual is focussed on driving his/her career,
  • an individual is developing him or herself (leader or other capabilities)
  • an individual is identified as Top Talent.

I combine an energetic approach with deep knowledge and vast experience in areas of HR and Talent Management to drive valuable outcomes and very tangible results.

I balance the big picture view with an understanding of how people actually do their work.

Helping people reach full potential is paramount to me. I am eager to support, share and partner with individuals and teams to achieve this.

I have worked in multi cultural environments with a focus on people for over 25 years, across multiple industries including mining, management consulting, banking and FMCG working for blue chip organisations such as Anglo American, Accenture, Credit Suisse and Kimberly-Clark.

I am a HOGAN assessor and highly recommend the use of this valuable tool to enhance self awareness and provide focus for areas of development.

You may expect me, as your Coach, to:
• Be your ally, care for you, support your vision and goals and to provide structure that supports you in making conscious choices
• Ask you to step beyond your present limitations as you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
• Be an objective listener
• Tell the truth and give you straight feedback. I will not be confrontational. Instead, I will invite you to look differently at yourself, those around you and your choices.

As we work together here is what Coaching will require from you:
• Be committed to living an extraordinary life
• Be responsible for the results of your coaching process
• Be committed to the coaching sessions and taking action as required (sometimes every week)
• See every interaction as an opportunity to integrate and synthesise what you learn about Coaching with your own thinking, speaking and actions
• Tell the truth; be honest with yourself and me even if it is uncomfortable.