Licensed coach: Gillian McDonagh

Kent, London and the South East

We spend a high proportion of our waking hours at work and I believe that this should be both enjoyable and rewarding. With a focus on excellent performance I work with my clients to identify and apply the best version of themselves, regularly and consistently.

My clients range from graduates looking to be sure of which direction to take, promising talent dissatisfied or frustrated in their current role, returning mothers seeking to build confidence and find work that supports their life as a whole to people who have been in the same employment for over 20 years and are now considering a complete change in direction.

I use the Firework Programme as an opportunity to stop and take stock of who you are, what’s important to you and how you can best reflect this in your work. This may well results in a complete change of direction but it can also lead to simply redesigning a current role – or even looking closely at how you turn up at work and how to get the most from it.

My coaching approach has been described as both supportive and challenging. I have a firm focus on practical application and enjoy exploring the benefits of developing emotional intelligence and taking responsibility for our own outcomes. I am able to draw on a variety of other tools as appropriate, including Neuro Linguistic Programming and Applied-Neuroscience.

Through a series of 1 to 1 sessions and interim support via email and text, I commit to working with my clients to achieve the success, happiness and fulfilment they deserve.