Licensed coach: Ilse Noppen

Lisbon area, Portugal

As a Leadership and Career coach and facilitator, I have built up an experience in working with:
- Executives and professionals to strengthen their personal brand and assist them in challenges they encounter.
- Individuals to define the career path they want to develop and co-create a plan of action.

I am passionate about talents and strengths and help people (re)discover their talents and integrate them towards achieving a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

I also give workshops, webinars and organise retreats on different topics.

I am passionate about making the most of our potential and that is what I wish for my clients too. As a result I aim at creating that space for my clients where they can explore who they are and what they stand for and what they want, while finding the courage and energy to live a life leading from inside out. My coaching style is gentle yet firm, focused yet flexible according to the needs of my clients. While working hard, I also want to have fun!