Licensed coach: Jessica Farrell


I specialise in creative leadership, team and career development. I work primarily with leaders and managers in the creative industries, having spent the first 18 years of my own career working in creative, media and technology companies.

My special interests lie in supporting leaders and teams navigating high pressure and fast changing environments, managing challenging relationships and stress. We might focus on developing self awareness and calibrating your impact, managing energy and priorities, maintaining confidence and resilience or work/life balance.

Clients often come to me at a turning point in their career - planning a new direction, a promotion and increased responsibility, navigating peak delivery time, leading a new team or leading organisational changes.

I encourage fearless self exploration, with curiosity, without judgement. I enjoy finding imaginative ways to help you gain clarity, deeper insight and access to your full range of personal resources.

It’s important to me that we collaborate as equals in a coaching relationship. We design the process together all the way through, to suit you. I trust your innate wisdom and creativity and when I offer you ideas or observations it’s without attachment to being right.

My clients have used the words ‘supportive’, ‘challenging’, ‘empowering’ and ‘fun’ to describe working with me.