Licensed coach: Jo Green

Sydney, Australia

I work with individuals searching for greater meaning in their work. Those thinking about a slight shift or a complete change in their career. I focus on helping people understand their values, find a goal and coach them to get there.

My background is in the not for profit sector. That’s why I work passionately with people dedicated to something that really matters. Of course, what makes work meaningful is as individual as every client. It could be charity, IT, retail, big business, or a thousand other things. I thrive on helping people figure out what matters them, no matter the sector or the role.

I specialise in helping:
• Men and women in their mid 20s to mid 50s assessing their career
• Individuals considering major career changes
• Individuals interested in the not for profit and for-purpose space, but I work with clients across all sectors

I am approachable and warm, and always individualise my coaching to each client. I help them to stay focused and motivated, and support and encourage them to undertake their career change.
What a few clients have said:
‘Her clear-sighted and empathetic perspective will undoubtedly help you move forward with your endeavours and give you the boost of support to help motivate you to keep going.' Anne
'Jo has an encouraging attitude and a way of acknowledging that always made me look forward to tell her about my little steps that I was taking.' Franziska