Licensed coach: Johnny Hammond

Based in Mortlake, West London. Work with London based, UK-wide and international client base.

I’m an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master NLP Practitioner specialising in working with Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teams and Private Clients. I passionately believe in 'empowering change' and work with clients to help them unlock their potential, improve their performance, gain clarity and develop a resilient and growth mindset to help them achieve their ambitions and dreams – I believe we have greatness within each and every one of us.

I offer a number of structured and bespoke coaching programmes including:

Entrepreneur Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching
High Performance Coaching
Transition Coaching

I am also a certified DiSC® trainer and qualified in the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment tool.

My Transition Coaching programme is for Senior Professionals established in their career and Entrepreneurs, who are in life or career transition and asking themselves ‘what’s next?’

We all go through transitions in our lives. They often cause us to reflect and ask, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What’s important to me?’ What’s my purpose?’ and, ‘What do I want from my future?’
Life and career transitions can often be challenging and confusing, we can feel stuck and have a sense that ‘things just don’t feel right’ or that we’re ‘out of alignment with ourselves. They can be a period of re-evaluation or re-assessment, exploration and looking for something more from life. However, they’re also an opportunity for positive personal development and growth.
Often my clients are looking for a new direction and purpose, a career or life transition that’s more meaningful and fulfilling. Here’s what a recent client said after working with me:

“Embarking on a three month coaching journey with Johnny was a gamble. I felt a vacuum in meaning and purpose after selling my business. Johnny helped deal with the things that were holding me back and find a new focus and energy. The gamble paid off and I would recommend Johnny to anyone looking to re-boot their future.”

If you’re wondering what’s next, where do I go from here or are looking to find your purpose or calling, coaching can help you to explore what you want from your future, awaken your potential, identify clear and sustainable goals and help you to create a plan to get to where you decide you want to go.

I blend Transformational Coaching, NLP and Positive Psychology to deliver an integrated client-led approach to coaching that combines transformational coaching with performance based coaching.