Licensed coach: Karen Bray

Plymouth and Cornwall, online for UK / Overseas

I specialise in career transition and personal development, utilising the Firework Programme to assist clients recognise what their dream job is and then guide them on understanding how to achieve their desired outcomes.

With over 20 years’ experience in people development roles, I am passionate about helping clients achieve career satisfaction and personal success and be in total harmony with their values.

My personalised coaching is designed to enable clients to recognise and overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back, and provide a warm and friendly, yet challenging approach to assist them in understanding what they want from a career and most importantly, encourage them into taking action.

I also work with clients wanting to return to work after illness or a prolonged absence and help increase their confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, as a Menopause Coach I am equipped to assist and empower clients with their work and well-being as they journey through this amazing transition in life and draw upon a vast array of resources to help overcome any personal or professional obstacles.