Licensed coach: Kate Cusack

Brighton, East Sussex, UK

I am a Life and Career Coach, based in Brighton, UK. I work 1:1 with clients locally, or with clients from all over the world using telephone or Skype.

I work with anyone who feels they would like more meaning and fulfilment from their career, but isn’t exactly sure what that career is, or how to get there. I get huge satisfaction from helping clients go from confusion to clarity on which direction to take in their career, to achieve true happiness and satisfaction from their work.

I love working with the Firework Programme because it uses unique and varied exercises to uncover who you are and what really makes you tick, so you can address the question of what career is really right for you, based on an in-depth awareness of what you need to be truly happy, both in your life and your career.

For clients wanting to do further work on other life issues, such as life balance, stress, confidence, relationships, fulfilment, wellbeing, success and general happiness, I will happily do some Life Coaching separately from, or in addition to, the Firework Career Coaching programme.

I bring a warm, friendly and client-centred approach to my Career Coaching, and consider my role as Coach to be that of a collaborative and supportive partner who challenges, motivates and empowers you in your quest for happiness and satisfaction in your life and career.