Licensed coach: Kit McQueen

Global (online)

Helping achievers, athletes & adventurers reconnect with their purpose, passion, wellbeing & style.

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Disillusioned and looking to reroute or re-energise but not sure how, what, when, where or why?
  • On the brink (or in the mire) of burnout?

If your answer to one or all of these is a resounding YES, then stop, and let’s take stock together before concocting a bespoke plan to get you heading onto a track that leads somewhere you actually want to go. 

Coaching with me is designed to help energise, uplift & propel

How is this possible?
1) You begin to truly understand & accept yourself for who you really are, not who others think you are or should be.
2) You believe in & commit 100% to any goal you set - even ones you've shied away from or felt you've failed at for weeks, months or decades.
3) You start seeing progress, fast.

No matter, your age, stage or bank balance, Unlock your Extraordinary™ is at the heart of everything I do. 

Famous or 'normal', royalty or feeling in a right old, royal mess, you'll be treated as the unique individual you are, one courageous enough to share that you could really do with a wee helping hand through a dark, confusing or trying time in your life.

The safe space of a connected coaching partnership requires you to be open and honest about where you're at, why that's not working for you, and where you really want to be and why. It’s worth it! There's something incredibly powerful and propelling about finally admitting you can't do it all alone and need some genuine, tailored support.

When you take this bold step, realigning your priorities with your unique strengths & experience - and with committed, connected, expert support in place to help you get there - exciting things can happen, no matter what bumps and detours transpire along the way. 

You have to take that first step but when you commit to yourself and the future you want to shape, I’ll be running alongside to keep you on track and upbeat.

One life, and every day counts, so if you're at all on the fence about whether coaching could be the way forward for you, book a no strings 30 min connection call with me - an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Connection is key and time is precious for us both, so after listening to what it is you’re experiencing & would like to, I’ll be utterly honest about whether I believe a joint partnership could energise your future. 

Whether we ever meet or not, please know that change is always possible & there is always hope - ALWAYS. Sometimes we just need some consistent care, appropriate challenge and genuine encouragement to uncover it again.

Never stop believing!