Licensed coach: Leigh Jackson

Based in Hammersmith, West London. I work with London-based, UK-wide and worldwide clients.

I’ve been a licensed Firework Career Coach since 2011 and am a CoActive Certified Professional Coach (CPCC). I specialise in career transition and leadership development coaching. I really enjoy supporting my clients to envision that “bigger” version of themselves which is lying just under the surface, waiting to be discovered. And then nudging them to step into that expanded and more dynamic space.

I have a corporate communications background, so I also like coaching my clients to find their authentic voice, to develop their personal brand and to communicate with impact and confidence. I often work with people in the high-tech industries – that’s been a major feature of my own background.

My clients tell me my coaching style is exhilarating, motivating, insightful and supportive. They get fired up and inspired as a consequence! I like to bring energy to a session and to support my clients in moving forward and in taking action in their careers and in their communications with others. Coaching can help you develop and articulate your career vision, but it’s even more powerful when you also use it to build that bridge to make it happen.