Licensed coach: Michelle Bayley

Based in Twickenham, West London. Work with London based, UK-wide and overseas clients.

I specialise in career transition coaching and train other coaches to use the Firework career change process. Over the past 13 years I've worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds, including:

  • 30 and 40 somethings who feel their current work isn't what they want to do until they retire;
  • women with young families who want work that fits better with the rest of their life;
  • 20 somethings who have fallen into work that they know isn't the right match for them; and
  • people of all ages who want to feel they're doing something more purposeful than their current job.

I also work with people who want to get a promotion, who have recently moved from management to leadership or who want to improve any aspect of their current work. And I do general life coaching, helping people to find a way forward with anything, from a relationship issue to improving their confidence and generally living a happier life.

My style is down to earth, warm, empathetic and honest. I challenge my clients to help them understand what they really want and to then follow through to make the changes they've felt stuck about making. I combine coaching with working as a joint head of communications for a Government agency, so I have first hand experience of the sort of issues my clients face. Here's what some of them have said:

"Michelle really helped to structure my thinking, and to help me understand what was important to me. As a result I was able to plan my next career move with confidence. The process really helped me understand my motivations and what drives me at work and i would recommend coaching with Michelle to anyone in a similar position."

"I found Michelle when I was at a point in my life that I can only describe as ‘stuck.’ I couldn’t think of any way out. Michelle really helps you to find the answers you need from yourself."

"Working with Michelle was very beneficial for me. Half the battle is believing in yourself and Michelle equips you with the tools to override that negative voice in your head and focus on the your strengths and values to achieve your goals."