Licensed coach: Nicola Moss

UK and Germany

I support clients during major transitions in their life, and guide them to follow their inner compass. We look at making changes from the inside out: If offer career change expertise as well as during any form of personal transition. As all parts of our lives are connected we'll deep dive into all areas of life.

I'll support you on your journey to
- reconnect with yourself
- identify and release inner blocks
- deepen your learning about yourself
- discover what really matters to you
- and to create the life you aspire to

I offer coaching sessions in English and German.

It is my deep belief that we sometimes need to slow down to move forward.

You may be in a state of transition in your life, whether personal or career-wise. Are you going through major changes, considering alternative career options, setting up a new business or simply need an excuse to take a break?

As a transition coach and communications consultant I’ve worked with many international clients all over the globe.

I focus on one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype as well as facilitating workshops and retreats in unusual locations which allow you to take a step back from your busy daily routine and create headspace to reconnect with yourself and allow room for inspiration and transformation.