Licensed coach: Vicky Kennedy

Dubai, UAE

With 15 years experience within international matrix structured organisations and 9 years based out of Dubai, I am passionate about the art, science and psychology that underpins my professional background and I believe that when companies and individuals act in alignment with their unique strengths, passion and purpose they unleash incredible creativity, innovation and potential that produces inspirational leaders and market leading companies. I enjoy supporting executives in achieving their boldest goals both inside and outside of the workplace.

In particular I work with expat executives wishing to develop their careers, change careers or set up their own businesses to obtain a more fulfilling work-life balance. An expat myself for over 12 years having lived in 5 different locations, I am familiar with the stress and challenges that this lifestyle brings, as well as the adaptability required. I also support executives that are relocating to the region with their partners but have not themselves yet found work. I maintain that Expat relocation is a fantastic opportunity to re-assess your career choices to ensure continued fulfilment.

I specialise in coaching executives, entrepreneurs and individuals through transformation in:

• Career development, change or transition
• Entrepreneurship, small business & start-ups
• Expat living
• Healthy lifestyle, healthy living, work-life balance and stress
• Wellness, in particular around polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), colitis & inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Creative yet strategic, I encourage my clients to think big and out of the box, to tap into their true dreams and potential. I underpin this with a strategic, structured and practical step-by-step approach that enables clients to turn their 'big picture' career or business aspirations into tangible step-by-step steps actions.