Licensed Firework coaches

Britta Siggelkow

As a career and leadership coach I specialise in one-to-one coaching for mid-career AEC professionals in the built environment - architects, engineers and construction professionals - who look for independent, confidential support outside of their workplace to gain more clarity and focus and better results in their working life.
Both my personal and working life experience – including more than 25 years professional experience as architect (employed & self employed) in 3 different countries and transition to professional coaching at mid-career – provide me with a great understanding of the challenges that mid-career AEC professionals face when supporting my clients on their own journeys of exploring career options, possible transitions and individual leadership challenges.
I work in a collaborative style with my clients with the coaching tailored to the individual’s needs, which is highly supportive whilst challenging.

Gillian McDonagh

Kent, London and the South East

We spend a high proportion of our waking hours at work and I believe that this should be both enjoyable and rewarding. With a focus on excellent performance I work with my clients to identify and apply the best version of themselves, regularly and consistently.

My clients range from graduates looking to be sure of which direction to take, promising talent dissatisfied or frustrated in their current role, returning mothers seeking to build confidence and find work that supports their life as a whole to people who have been in the same employment for over 20 years and are now considering a complete change in direction.

I use the Firework Programme as an opportunity to stop and take stock of who you are, what’s important to you and how you can best reflect this in your work. This may well results in a complete change of direction but it can also lead to simply redesigning a current role – or even looking closely at how you turn up at work and how to get the most from it.

Andreea Gheorghita

Bologna, Italy

I specialise in coaching international leaders and proactive individual contributors that are experiencing uncertainty or going through a career transition.

I work with my clients using evidence based techniques and a systemic approach, having a positive and also pragmatic perspective, inviting them to focus on what's possible and in their control.

Julie Greaves

London, UK

I specialise in coaching mid to senior level managers and leaders who are navigating change professionally and personally. I work with a mix of private and corporate clients, here in the UK and internationally.

I help people: preparing for or transitioning into a new role, taking on additional responsibilities, leading change within their organisation, looking for new opportunities, dealing with redundancy, considering a career change, or looking to improve performance.

I support my clients to develop a greater sense of self so that they can move forward in their career with clarity, alignment, and joy.

Marie de Champchesnel


After more than 20 years of experience in the Arts & Creative Industry, I found myself stuck and lost in a career that was no longer my passion. So I understand first-hand the pain, uncertainty and fear that can come with changing your career path.

Drawing on my own experience as well as a tried and tested framework and tools, I coach women in their 30s & 40s who struggle to recognise their own abilities and achievements.

I have an inside-out approach and offer 1:1 online coaching programmes from one month to 6 months engagement to help women to go from lost and unhappy to having clarity and confidence in their career path by reconnecting to their authentic self.

Marina Burton

London and Surrey

I believe everyone deserves to find their 'why' in life. I work with passionate, young professionals predominantly in their 20's and 30's to help them find fulfilling, meaningful work. This can mean helping you navigate a career change, developing your existing role, starting your own business or anything in between.

I offer a structured and comprehensive approach, enabling clients to understand what they want from their careers, what they're capable of, and an explorative process to discover new career pathways. We would typically work together over three to six months depending on the pace you feel comfortable with. I also offer bespoke programmes starting from six weeks.

Sessions typically take place online, but I also work face to face in the London & Surrey area.

Sam Dossa

London, UK
  • Personal Coaching
  • Careers Coaching
  • Youth Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching

My coaching style is based on authenticity. I listen to my clients and explore opportunities and support them in discovering the solutions by themselves. I believe in authenticity and honesty. I live my life with a belief that helping others is the purpose of my life.

Majella Callaghan

Dublin, Ireland

I specialise in coaching women returning to the workplace and career transition.

My coaching style is a confidential, challenging, friendly, supportive, person-centred approach which is non-judgemental, encouraging and produces positive results.

Mercedes Sancho

Madrid, Spain

Mi práctica de coaching de carrera se centra en ayudar a profesionales senior en procesos de cambio, voluntario o sobrevenido, que encuentran dificultad en concretar su objetivo, o en cómo avanzar hacia él. Personas que viven la necesidad de un cambio profesional por inquietud personal y deseos de crecer.

Acompaño a las personas en su proceso reflexivo con actitud positiva y con el propósito de ayudarlas a tomar conciencia de sus posibilidades y de lo que realmente es importante para ellas. Mi propuesta es un enfoque de trabajo estructurado y práctico, basado en la confianza y no en la dependencia, para que puedas tomar decisiones con seguridad y entusiasmo. Me apoyo en un método movilizador y en herramientas de utilidad contrastada, y en mi propia vivencia de transformación personal y profesional.

Mercedes Mezquita

Madrid, Spain

I'm an executive coach, specialized in Career change, development and change management at work and stress management.

I believe in people's potential. My coaching style is focused on strengths' development. In the process I facilitate the elimination of clients' limitations, so that they can achieve their goals. My style is sensitive, sensible and goal orientated.