Licensed Firework coaches

Georgina Whittle

Surrey, UK

I provide 1:1 career coaching programmes, predominantly working with individuals who are:

  • Just starting out with their career.
  • Part way through their career and at a crossroads.

I also provide interview coaching and job application services. (Prior to coaching I was a HR professional for 20 years working with multinational corporations across a range of industry sectors, specialising in recruitment and development.)

When working with me you can be confident that you will have a safe and trusting space where there is complete focus and presence with you.

My clients describe me as a guiding light through the highs and lows, showing both compassion and professionalism, whilst helping you to achieve your goals.

Paulo Alves

Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France

I've got a knack for working with passionate individuals who've lost that career spark. I get it—when your work loses its charm, it's easy to feel adrift and unsure of your next move. Having myself experienced career changes across countries, I'll support you in navigating these uncharted waters.

My coaching style? Picture it as a structured journey, but with a sprinkle of lightness and fun. I carve out a safe, non-judgmental space where we can casually dive into reflections about your career desires, capabilities, and what truly motivates you. I'm here to listen, and because I'm deeply curious, together we'll unravel the puzzle through discussions. I'll bring my unique perspective, shedding light on aspects you might miss, and nudging you to look in different directions.

Sessions mostly happen online, but if you're around Strasbourg, we can meet in person. I can do the sessions in English, French or Portuguese.

Jessica Harley

West Sussex

Based in West Sussex, UK, I work with London based clients as well as UK and worldwide clients online. My career coaching services help graduates, young professionals, leaders, parents, and business owners become happier, less stressed, and more successful. I provide clients with the time and space to focus on what they want to achieve and find fulfilment in their work.

I provide 1:1 career coaching for young and mid-career professionals who find themselves at a transition point in their career. My approach is flexible and bespoke to each individual’s needs. I work with clients to develop more self-confidence, identify their next steps, clarify their direction, and define their career aspirations. In order to respond to clients in many different locations, I normally coach using Zoom or Google Meet.

Joanna Hunek

Gloucestershire, UK and Poland

I specialise in Professional Life Development coaching which covers Career Coaching/Career Change, Career Progression, Professional Growth, Leadership Development, Conscious Leadership, developing soft skills for workplace and life.

For me, it is about building confidence and courage. It is about helping the people I work with to become risk-takers, conscious leaders and lovers of life.

As a Coach, I work with all types of professionals from start-ups to entrepreneurs, senior and junior managers and private individuals. I try to make the coaching process challenging, honest and, above all, authentic - so I can be direct, occasionally blunt and wholly unafraid of asking difficult questions!

Sonia Weyers

Fontainebleau area in France

I am available to coach individuals looking to clarify the next step in their professional or personal path. I specialise in
- Cultural issues -- expats, multiculturals, international careers
- Healthy living -- well-being, issues of balance and stress

Richard Cook

London, UK

I specialise in coaching individuals around their careers and relationships. I work with individuals looking to make important shifts in their lives - whether in their work life or their personal life - or both! I work with senior leaders to effectively manage priorities and deadlines, achieve optimal work/life balance, communicate and build stronger relationships with bosses, peers and direct reports, level-up their emotional intelligence, strengthen their executive presence, and illuminate "blind spots" in their behaviour affecting their impact and advancement.

I design your coaching with you in a way that addresses your unique strengths, abilities, life experiences, challenges and blind spots so that you can discover and realise what you are longing to make happen in your life. I am known for my emotional honesty with clients and will ask those challenging questions at the heart of the matter - yet do it gently and with respect.


Barbara Greenway


My business experience and coaching focus is very much on personal and organisational development and the corresponding change management processes, and on delivering coaching interventions to improve resilience, performance and leadership capability. I also specialises in coaching individuals to develop an authentic leadership presence, particularly those moving from middle to senior management or into a Board level role.

I provide a calm and constructive coaching environment in which clients feel at ease and able to be honest about how they are feeling about their work and their lives. I bring wisdom and kindness into the space, letting in the light that enables clients to tap into their own authentic resourcefulness and to create a better future for themselves.

Liz Bell

Devon, UK

I coach professional women to choose a career they enjoy so they continue to progress, stay challenged and are energised at the end of the day.

I recognise the challenges that come from having a great set of skills and too many possibilities for how they might transfer to other careers. It can seem like there is no choice at all.  It can feel like the more you look, the harder it is to find something new to excite you.

My mission is to support you to clearly visualise your chosen new career, and create an action plan that will take you where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are you:

Kellie Wardman

United States

I focus on helping people achieve their largest and most expansive lives. Individuals, managers, and C-suite leaders in a variety of situations and positions—who work for non-profit and for-profit organizations. I am honored to work with an inspiring mix of coaching clients from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, dimensions of diversity, and lived experience.

My coaching style is supportive, reflective, and open-hearted. But I love to challenge clients to bravely explore new perspectives and game-changing beliefs about themselves and what they are capable of. I invite clients to bring in all kinds of wisdom to the coaching--not just what their head tells them, but what their body and intuition tell them as well! I also believe all voices matter, and I am deeply committed to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sarah Gonzalez

London, England

I work primarily with clients who are in a career transition. I tackle each stage of the career transition process, from creating professional goals; to working toward a promotion or into a new position; to completing a 180 degree career shift. I am also a mum of twins and work directly with Mums who are struggling with both career transition and embracing their newfound identities.

I take a practical and grounded approach during my coaching sessions and believe that we are ultimately one of our own best resources in deciding our next steps. Through support in identifying our unique values and resources we are able to work through both professional and personal issues, which are often closely linked.