Licensed Firework coaches

Sarah Foxlee


I coach creative and socially conscious professionals to achieve career fulfillment through coaching and training.

My coaching style depends on the client - I can provide 'pure' coaching for those who need headspace to think through career problems, or a more structured career change programme for those who need more guidance. I also also provide coachees with CV, covering letter and interview practice support as they start applying for their next role.

Alison Roux


I specialise in career transition for senior and mid-level executives. My clients are usually at a point of transition, professional or personal: newly promoted or aspiring to promotion and looking for help with professional development or performance improvement; at a career crossroads and wanting to explore professional or lifestyle options; moving to the end of their careers but looking for a change rather than retirement. An MBA graduate, with a strong business background, I draw upon extensive experience as a leadership development consultant across a range of industries, working internationally and multi-culturally. I work with individuals to renew their sense of self and build on their strengths so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Claire Brown


My mission is to help professionals step into the fullness of their potential, whether that means a career change, career development or workplace coaching.   

Using a holistic approach, I help my clients to develop meaningful careers that fit within the wider context of their lives.  I empower them to achieve their goals, honour their priorities and express their values and passions at work. 

I help leaders and executives to facilitate growth and positive change within their organisations with confidence, empathy and resilience. 

My approach is highly supportive and empathetic in nature whilst also very practical. As a former Occupational Therapist, I understand the impact of meaningful occupation on our whole lives and this holistic approach is woven throughout my practice.

My key skills are career coaching, workplace coaching and executive coaching and I specialise in serving neurodiverse clients.

Geraldine Locke

London and Global via Zoom or Skype

I specialise in mature career changers looking to make end of career decisions, and moving to a portfolio approach to life, pre-retirement. I coach both one-to-one, with couples and in groups.

I have a down-to-earth, common sense approach to coaching. I use a strengths based approach to helping clients facilitate their journey of self discovery, and help clients to be open minded and practical when facing the choices in front of them.

Kellie Wardman

United States

I focus on helping people achieve their largest and most expansive lives. Individuals, managers, and C-suite leaders in a variety of situations and positions—who work for non-profit and for-profit organizations. I am honored to work with an inspiring mix of coaching clients from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, dimensions of diversity, and lived experience.

My coaching style is supportive, reflective, and open-hearted. But I love to challenge clients to bravely explore new perspectives and game-changing beliefs about themselves and what they are capable of. I invite clients to bring in all kinds of wisdom to the coaching--not just what their head tells them, but what their body and intuition tell them as well! I also believe all voices matter, and I am deeply committed to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Karen Bray

Plymouth and Cornwall, online for UK / Overseas

I specialise in career transition and personal development, utilising the Firework Programme to assist clients recognise what their dream job is and then guide them on understanding how to achieve their desired outcomes.

With over 20 years’ experience in people development roles, I am passionate about helping clients achieve career satisfaction and personal success and be in total harmony with their values.

My personalised coaching is designed to enable clients to recognise and overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back, and provide a warm and friendly, yet challenging approach to assist them in understanding what they want from a career and most importantly, encourage them into taking action.

Rachel Elliott (Rachel Grace Coaching)

UK (online appointments)

As a Career Change Specialist, I help employed professionals (& business owners) transition into a career or business that is more aligned with their personality, natural strengths & unique needs.

My previous clients work in varying sectors such as law, banking, science, tech, education, the arts and music in both employed and self-employed positions.

I also offer additional mentoring packages to help clients create stand out job applications, excel at interviews or lay the foundations for a business they want to pursue.

As a former lawyer and having coached in a top university careers service before starting my business, I bring an understanding of many sectors to my coaching, consulting and mentoring.

My coaching style:

“Rachel is warm, empathic, and supportive whilst also being incredibly knowledgeable and action focused."

"Rachel is empathetic, insightful and professional and has supported me throughout my journey without any judgment."

Sam Dossa

London, UK
  • Personal Coaching
  • Careers Coaching
  • Youth Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching

My coaching style is based on authenticity. I listen to my clients and explore opportunities and support them in discovering the solutions by themselves. I believe in authenticity and honesty. I live my life with a belief that helping others is the purpose of my life.

Marina Burton

London and Surrey

I believe everyone deserves to find their 'why' in life. I work with passionate, young professionals predominantly in their 20's and 30's to help them find fulfilling, meaningful work. This can mean helping you navigate a career change, developing your existing role, starting your own business or anything in between.

I offer a structured and comprehensive approach, enabling clients to understand what they want from their careers, what they're capable of, and an explorative process to discover new career pathways. We would typically work together over three to six months depending on the pace you feel comfortable with. I also offer bespoke programmes starting from six weeks.

Sessions typically take place online, but I also work face to face in the London & Surrey area.

Joanna Hunek

Gloucestershire, UK and Poland

I specialise in Professional Life Development coaching which covers Career Coaching/Career Change, Career Progression, Professional Growth, Leadership Development, Conscious Leadership, developing soft skills for workplace and life.

For me, it is about building confidence and courage. It is about helping the people I work with to become risk-takers, conscious leaders and lovers of life.

As a Coach, I work with all types of professionals from start-ups to entrepreneurs, senior and junior managers and private individuals. I try to make the coaching process challenging, honest and, above all, authentic - so I can be direct, occasionally blunt and wholly unafraid of asking difficult questions!