Licensed Firework coaches

Vance Frisch

Yorkshire, UK

Want to be in a career where your talents soar? What's stopping you?

So many people feel stuck, trapped by their financial commitments. Unsure of how to change direction and afraid to take any risks. But why settle for a default future?

I've worked in Human Resources and Coaching for many years, and helped hundreds of people with career issues. My own work-life includes changes of career into Software Development, then Lecturing and later in Contracting and Consulting. So, I know what you’re experiencing.

You’ll be supported through the steps to changing your work-life, so you get the outcomes you want. We work together to understand your professional identity, and to translate possible futures into concrete results. I help you with pivoting to work you enjoy without having to lose income.

Mainly I work with people in mid-life, who want to pivot to new jobs, new careers, or to self-employment as creatives, solopreneurs or entrepreneurs.

Lindsay Wittenberg


I coach for development and transformation. I take psychological and systemic approaches, and aim to enable lasting change by going beyond what presents on the surface so that my clients achieve the results they want with confidence. My coaching approach is characterised by: a belief in the client’s potential; building on strengths; the importance of the coach-client relationship and the trust inherent in that; focus on the here and now through awareness and mindfulness (moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience, with no judgment); a holistic perspective; and a creative, experimental attitude. My clients speak of me as challenging and supportive, caring and tough, dynamic and deep, positive, warm and insightful.

Liz Bell

Devon, UK

I coach professional women to choose a career they enjoy so they continue to progress, stay challenged and are energised at the end of the day.

I recognise the challenges that come from having a great set of skills and too many possibilities for how they might transfer to other careers. It can seem like there is no choice at all.  It can feel like the more you look, the harder it is to find something new to excite you.

My mission is to support you to clearly visualise your chosen new career, and create an action plan that will take you where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are you:

Leila Denison-Pender


I specialise in career change and direction, working with people who are reassessing their lives and looking for a more fulfilling career. This can encompass either a complete career transition or just a better fit within their current industry.

I work with clients from all walks of life and all ages, from mid management with 15 years’ experience in their field who now want to do something different to young people at the beginning of their career trying to find their path.

I have a background in recruitment and have worked extensively with people within Financial Services, Advertising and Creative agencies.

I love using creative coaching techniques to really tap into my clients’ subconscious and intuitive streak.

I speak French and Spanish and can conduct coaching sessions in those languages too if need be.

My style is a mix between structured and "flowy"; very intuitive, I like to use creative techniques (visualisations etc); challenging and supportive

Pheona Croom-Johnson

London, Middlesex and Surrey

All aspects of business, psychological and behavioural coaching. I work in all three sectors and with a healthy mix of gender and position/role within an organisation.

My coaching is based on the belief that everyone has the resources to work through their opportunities/challenges and my role is to help facilitate that journey. I use different theoretical frameworks, methods and techniques dependent on the client need and is flexible in my style and approach. Two of my passions are firstly the opportunity to assist in developing patterns of behaviour to achieve desired outcomes and secondly, to maximize effective communication by increasing self awareness and developing communication options.

Claire Bolsover

Kent, UK

As a career transition & life coach and hypnotherapist I work with individuals who
• feel stuck in their job/career, are no longer finding it fulfilling and don’t know how to change it; or 
• are facing the possibility of redundancy or changes at work are meaning that they are moving on but are not sure they want to jump into the same job again; or
• have had their “is this really it” moment realising they don’t want to continue on the same career path for another 20 years but don’t know how to step onto a different path.

This may be about making a total career change or it could be about tweaking what you currently do - where you work, who you work with etc - to make a meaningful change.

Often my clients notice a change in their wellbeing either at home/ work or both and know they want to change something.

Karen Bray

Plymouth and Cornwall, online for UK / Overseas

I specialise in career transition and personal development, utilising the Firework Programme to assist clients recognise what their dream job is and then guide them on understanding how to achieve their desired outcomes.

With over 20 years’ experience in people development roles, I am passionate about helping clients achieve career satisfaction and personal success and be in total harmony with their values.

My personalised coaching is designed to enable clients to recognise and overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back, and provide a warm and friendly, yet challenging approach to assist them in understanding what they want from a career and most importantly, encourage them into taking action.

Eefke Jansen

Kent, UK

I support women in making successful change in their work lives. I offer one-to-one coaching, group coaching and online courses, both for individuals and organisations.

All based on my 3-C framework:

  • Confidence

From your personal power you make confident choices and have more impact.

  • Clarity

From your authentic self (values, purpose, strengths etc.) you make clear what you truly want in your work life.

  • Commitment

You give direction to your work life in a balance that suits you.

I bring positive energy, empathy, a broad multicultural perspective and action-based approach. She Does It and so can you!

Joanna Stokes

North Yorkshire

I'm a leadership and career coach that helps Further Education professionals to break free of a job they don’t enjoy, that’s not aligned with their values, and that’s making them unhappy so they can feel motivated, energised, and excited about their career again.

I have successfully reinvented my career three times and know firsthand what it is like to be unhappy at work. I am now in my third and final career as a coach and exactly where I am meant to be. My extensive experience as a career changer and my coaching expertise, training, and knowledge add huge value to the quality of the programme.

Lisa Westbury

I have an office in Brighton, East Sussex and can meet up in central London

I work with professional women who want to make more of a difference in their careers or better use their creativity at work.

This could be at any stage in your career – it might be the first time you've intentionally considered matching your career with your motivations, purpose and talents – or when you are at a key transition point such as maternity or starting a business. You might want to step into a new challenge such as leadership, or use skills that you have not previously used at work.

I also help business partnerships and teams to work more productively together, understanding how to play to each other's strengths and make better use of your diversity.

I have a warm and approachable style, creating a safe space for clients to stretch into their talents and explore their range. I enjoy working creatively and with intuition, building a strong alliance with clients, encouraging them to recognise their strengths and build the confidence to work through challenges.